Identify yourself

Identify yourself

Identify ourselves ………………………… Most of us never recognize ourselves. And maybe because we never understand what we have to do.

If asked what is success? Or what does success mean to you? So the answer for most is just this: –

Name, money, gold.

This is also true to a large extent because most of the successful people we know today have these three things.

There are many choices of success in today’s era, some are earning a name in the game, while some are succeeding by making a ticket video … and there are millions of similar examples of success. K.

So how can we succeed. To be successful, the most important thing is to identify yourself.

Identify yourself only then you will be able to succeed. By identifying yourself I mean doing what you are expert at. Doing the work that you never do when you feel tired or lost.

Identify yourself and move on

We all have some talent, but all we need is recognition of that talent. In doing the work that we are capable of, we never feel tired nor feel boredom.

It is not necessary that what we want to be or do is our talent, sometimes we also develop talent and practice continuously. The best example of this is Sachin Tendulakra.

As a child, Sachin Tendulakra wanted to become a fast bowler, but today we do not recognize Sachin as a fast bowler ……………… today we have Sachin Known as a great batsman.

He did not have the talent of batting since childhood and neither did he want to become a batsman but today with continuous practice, Sachin is the biggest batsman in this world.

Eklavya is a great archer …………….. how Eklavya became a great archer by just practicing continuously. Without tiring, he used to practice a stone idol as his guru without any practice.

Eklavya continued to practice and developed the talent of an archer in himself. We will find many such examples where a person had success by practicing continuously.

There are also many people who have heard the insides of themselves and recognized the talent hidden within them. And achieved success. But it is not enough just to recognize our talent, we have to practice continuously to improve that talent.

Recognize yourself and practice your inner talent or give birth to a new talent in you.

When you practice continuously, then your success will change automatically. Where earlier only name, money and fame were success, you will see for yourself that now success has been transformed into making you capable by not just being a member for money and fame.

Now you have only one goal that by practicing continuously to become yourself capable and when you become capable then success itself will kiss your steps. He would say that no one will be able to succeed and will follow you.

So by identifying myself, I just mean that by continuously practicing, make yourself capable of this ability, even ask God to ask you what your kingdom is.

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly by giving yourself 100%. And when you are doing something with whole heart, then even if you are not successful, you are successful in your own eyes. And the hard work done by the heart never goes in vain, my friend today or not, you get the result of your hard work tomorrow.

And when you get the result of your hard work, then there is no more happiness in the world than that happiness. And that happiness cannot be bought by any wealth in the world.

On that day, you also have names and fame. Then success comes to you, you are looking for success. And then you only say one thing: –

Identify yourself.

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