Bakchodi. Art of life

bakchodi. art of life


 bakchodi In today’s time this word has become quite popular. We often hear people say that do not chant bakchodi and we get many similar sentences to hear in our daily life.

in next few lines i will try to explain the meaning of Bakchodi. and why i called it an art of living.


                                           So what is this bakchodi


Today it is not just a word. Today it has become a way of living, so I say that this is an art of living.

Your thoughts should reach to the people in such a way, that every word you said can bring magic in such a way that people get enthralled and just listen to you. Now this art that cause magic, I called it bakchodi.


                                          Recognize the talent inside you


In today’s time, one who has learned to express himself, understand that he has become successful. In modern times, there is a saying that “what you see is what sells.” And it is a truth, you can see so many people around you who can capable of expressing themselves, and these people will also be successful in one way or the other.

By expressing our self, I mean to that you should recognize the inner talent of you and bring it in front of everyone. If you recognize the hidden talent that present inside you, then no one can stop you from being successful.

Art can be of any kind; someone can sing well, someone can dance well. Someone can play well, someone can speak well. All this is just a few example of art. And accordingly there are numerous examples of art that can be found in you or in anyone else. Just need to identify them. And I have named it bakchodi; the art of identification the talent of yours.


                                                       Way to be happy


In today’s time there are very few people who say that yes I am happy at heart. Today`s time is the age of competition. There is a race in which everyone is running, but no one knows why he or she is running in that race. Nowadays, the pace of life has become so fast that everyone wants to walk at that speed. This is the only reason for disappointment of most people.

  • If you really want true happiness, then you should do what your heart wants you to do. Without thinking about what people would say. Without thinking about what would happen if I do not succeed, what would people say? Was Sachin could ever became a great batsman, without listened to his heart; he did what he wanted to do. This is the only way to be happy, do whatever you want to do, regardless of anyone. And I named this way of being happy as Bakchodi


                                        love yourself for who you are


In today’s time, everyone wants to be like anyone else. Everyone wants to live someone else life. We forget that we are different from the rest that what we have is not in anyone else. Everyone is different from the others. Two people can never be the same. Everyone has different preferences; the way of working is different.

Then why to be like someone else. Why should we not remain the same as we are? Create your own identity; this is the name of life. Everyone has got a different life, so why should live like anyone else. Live your life according to yourself. Stay as you are, learn to love yourself. And the name of this style of simply loving yourself is bakchodi.

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